Best Gluten Free Pizza Base

May 4, 2020
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Best Gluten Free Pizza Base

Looking for a Gluten Free Pizza Base with Crunch? 

Looking for a Gluten Free Pizza Base with Crunch?  Try out our Zero Foods Black Rice Pizza Bases.

Quick and simple to prepare, Black Rice Pizza Bases have a great delicate nutty flavour and a great crunch.  Perfect for a Gluten Free Pizza Base.

  • Gluten Free – safe for people with celiac disease.
  • Certified Organic – grown in chemical free fields.
  • Anti oxidant rich – Black Rice is high in anthocyanin, these same superfood component that makes blueberries and blackberries the same.
  • Vegan – perfect for your favourite vegan snacks.

Our pizza bases – Black Rice for it’s slight nutty flavour, Red Rice for a natural taste and either for a super crunchy base that is easy to prepare, make creating a gluten free pizza quick and easy.

Simply top with your favourite pizza toppings, slide into an oven at 220 Celsius for 10 minutes and you’re done.  A great tasting pizza with a great tasting, crunchy pizza base.

Gluten Free Pizza Base FAQ

Is it safe for severe celiac disease sufferers?

Absolutely.  Our processing plant has no grains within the facility.

How do you get the gluten free pizza base so crunchy?

That’s a trade secret, but we can tell you it took years to do it the Zero Foods way.  We add zero artificial additives to any of our Zero Foods products, and we knew that people are craving that crunchy texture which can be very hard to find with other gluten free products.